Founded in 2005, Technology and Business Solutions Ltd. (TBS) is a professional service provider designing and developing customized Software Solutions and providing Independent Software Testing. In addition our organization has developed multiple products for the domestic and overseas market.

Our clientele’s spans a full spectrum of organization type (small, medium to large) from Government, International Donor Agencies, NGO’s, Private Sector, Multi-Nationals and International Partners. Our services is geared both to the local and International (outsourcing) market, giving us the breadth and depth of experience and knowledge by providing multifaceted and diverse solutions, based on client needs.

Our focus and strength lies is our commitment to quality, reliability and excellence.

Some of Our Success Stories


Is a customized ERP system designed and developed to manage the day to day operation of one of the premier Home Furnishing Company which includes four different companies and twenty five retail outlets and warehouses. Acumen brings in all business entities under a common IT platform and business processes from the decentralized, dispersed and manual environment. The system has six modules, Sales and Distribution, Procurement, Inventory Management, Shop Management, Workflow Management and Administration. Besides development, TBS was involved in streamlining and developing new business process and made business process improvement (BPI) from the existing manual tasks, leading to increased efficiency, productivity, transparency and cost saving. Acumen is under operational and support service under a long term SLA with TBS.


Developed and implemented an ERP application for Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre (BPATC) under the Ministry of Public Administration, Government of Bangladesh (GOB). BPATC is the apex public sector training institution of Bangladesh, having close to 700 employees. The system has seven modules, Accounting & Finance, Store, HRM, Computer Equipment, Dormitory, Transport and Computerized Training Management System including development of their official website. The ERP has automated and streamlined most of the key areas of work at BPATC, this has led to increased efficiency, productivity and transparency. Operational, Maintenance and Support is done by TBS with a long term SLA since 2015.

SimIntegra, Sanofi Bangladesh

SimIntegra is a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for Pharma Sales where sales person’s activities is tracked, monitored and managed. The system provides an end to end solutions for all sales activities for all four hundred Sanofi MIA’s (Medical Information Associate) or Sales Associates. Information and data is pumped from the corporate SAP and other third party vendors.

The modules are- Master Data, Security, Sales, Daily Activities, Discount, Bill Approval and Sales Lite. Close to one hundred reports and dashboards to plan, manage, monitor and track sales and sales force. With its rich reporting system and dashboard, management can make instant decision to plan and allocate resource.

Some of the Key Features Are:
Track: Target vs. Order / Sales, Budget vs. Order/Sales by Day wise, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly. Plan: Call, Call Report and Unplanned Call. Import facility to upload data of Order, Sales, Delivery Return, Stock and others. Workflows: Discount Management System, Manage & Monitor Promotional Aid & Sample. Internal and External vendor bill generated and approved. Manage: Master Data, like Employee, Sales Structure, Products, Customer and Institutions. Official Calendar and Employee Calendar. Doctor Master List & Sales Force Doctor List centrally. Official Calendar and Employee Calendar. Monitor: Promotional Aid & Sample, Sales Rep can add New Doctor addition delete existing doctor, Leave Request and Approval system for Sales Rep

Other features includes, role based accessibility and track log of different types of information. Manage product priority for call by month. Team Leader Coaching. Scientific Activity Plan and Execute by Territory. Generate SF KPI Report, Promotional Aid, Sample, Call details report to check Sales Person activity. Analytical reports in detail are available in the system to monitor Order, Sales, Return, and Replacements. Mobile Responsive reports for sales persons

Symphony, Clarus LLC, USA

Custom Content Hosting & Management Solution and Entertainment Platform The solution is capable of hosting a wide range of multi-media entertainment packages, offered in any number of regional or international languages. Developed for the airline sector and has application in other areas. The multi-media content selections include, but are not limited to, multiple categories and genres of: Music Videos, Music Audio, Games, podcast, TV Series and Documentaries, eBooks, Blogs and Magazine Any of the multi-media content can be easily updated by the airline appointed IFE media administrator using Symphony’s secure administration portal on a System Administration Station at the airlines operational center. Its’ fully customizable Captive Portal also serves as an electronic billboard, an advertising platform available to a wide range of destination businesses and merchants who may be interested in promoting their services and products to airline’s passengers. Custom configurable advertisement placement. The system can also host shopping portal offering a wide selection of products and services.

AeroTxt App, Clarus LLC, USA

Is an On-Ground & In-Flight mobile messaging worldwide. It is a FREE cross platform mobile messaging application available for all Google Android and Apple IOS smartphones and tablets. The application seamlessly integrates with the user's contact list on their smartphones and very much similar to Whatsapp and Viber The AeroTxt App enables users to exchange unlimited secure (end to end encrypted) text messages and to make VOIP voice calls to other AeroTxt users, when connected to the Internet via a Wi-Fi LAN or their mobile carrier's data service, anywhere in the world! In addition, the AeroTxt App is specially designed not only to enable the users to keep in touch with their contacts while on the ground, but also while they are in flight on board an aircraft equipped with the SAP217-C hardware system. The user experience is seamless, whether using the application while on the ground or while in flight on board an aircraft. The AeroTxt App enables users to exchange unlimited secure (end to end encrypted) text messages and to make VOIP voice calls to other AeroTxt users, when connected to the Internet via a Wi-Fi LAN or their mobile carrier's data service, anywhere in the world!

SAP217 – (Software Part) Clarus LLC, USA

Developed the communication software that provides the linkage between two users using satellite communication linked to the Iridium satellite constellation which provides L band voice and data information coverage to satellite phones, pagers and integrated transceivers over the entire Earth surface. Air to Ground: Passengers on board in the aircraft will be able to send and receive Text and email messages to their contacts on the ground, using their own iPhones or Android smart phones and tablets, either via the Captive Portal web browser interface “Symphony)” or using custom branded text messaging App, “AeroTxt” both developed by TBS The SAP-217 hardware is located in an airplane where passengers can send text messages via this devise. The devise sends the information to a satellite which in turns sends it to central database which then is then forwarded to the receiver on the ground. Ground to Air: Users t on the ground sent text or email which goes to central server from where it connected the satellite and then forwarded to the passenger. The system was using Python and API’s

IMIS, Save the Children/GOB

The Integrated Management Information System (IMIS) application is a comprehensive system to manage 169 Drop In Centers (DIC) and also monitor the Global Fund HIV/AIDS project achievements and evaluate the performance of project implementation to make adjustments to improve performance in the implementation process through sets of indicators. The MIS application will be the replacement of the existing MIS, LMIS and PLHIV application by which 169 drop in centers will be managed and tracked for DIC activities, outreach activities clinical activities and patients. The system will also automate DIC procurement and logistics process. The IMIS application o provides the facility for linking with national MIS / M & E, UNGASS and MDG. The project was managed, implemented and funded by Save the Children

Case Management System (CMS), UNICEF/GoB

Child Protection Case Management System (CMS) application is a national centralized web based application, which tracks, monitor and evaluate vulnerable, abused or exploited children in a family, community, or institutions, such as, Drop in Centers (DIC), Night Shelters, Orphanage throughout Bangladesh. The system was developed for the Department of Social Service (DSS) under the Ministry of Social Welfare, GOB. The project was managed, implemented and funded by UNICEF.


The system was developed for the Bureau of Non-Formal Education (BNFE) at the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education MoPME (GOB). The project was managed, implemented and funded by UNICEF. MER is web based National Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting system (MER) The MER system will provide stakeholders and partners, key information on the outputs outcome, progress and performance of the project. Project Implementation Unit (PIU) to do quantitative and qualitative analysis on the progress of the project to take the relevant corrective measures and actions based on predefined indicators. Development of the system is part of a larger project named Basic Education for Hard to Reach Urban Working Children (BEHTRUWC) which aims at providing 166,150 working children with basic education and livelihood.

eSET, Sanofi Bangladesh

eSET (electronic Sales Effectiveness Tool) The application is a decision making reporting tool for the Sales, Marketing and Management team, to track, monitor, manage and evaluate sales, sales target, sale achievements and customers of pharmaceutical products. Some of the capabilities are Monitor Sales Rep, Customer & Product wise Sales, Track Employee's history, Territory and Customer Relationship History, Compare Sales Growth, Compare Sales, Return & Deliver Return, Compare Target vs. Achievement, and Alert sales team via SMS.


Is a National Management Information System (MIS) for HIV/AIDS Targeted Intervention for the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (GOB) The system is a national database and web application (content management system) taking into account key project indicators; 32 national HIV/AIDS related indicators, monitoring and reporting framework, record keeping and documentation of HIV/AIDS service inputs and other information. The project was managed, implemented and funded by UNICEF

eIQC, Sanofi Bangladesh

eIQC electronic Industrial Quality Compliance application is a centralized web based information management system for Pharmaceutical QC / QA to store batch analytical result information and to track, monitor analytical data in a secure manner. Pharmaceutical companies are regularly subjected to tremendous financial pressure to produce products. A delay in releasing a batch of drug is not only costly but also consumes additional resources in the company. It is therefore crucial that analytical data be collected, compiled, and submitted in a timely, accurate and reliable but secure manner. The system supports the management of analytical result data of raw material, packaging material, water, finished product and stability of products. The main functionality of the system is to track a batch life cycle in the laboratory from sampling and data entry through the final result of the tests made on the sample and its approval. The system enables the printing of reports like Certificate of Analysis (COA), trend analysis and other reports. eIQC has enabled sanofi to substantially reduce cost and time of compliance reporting. The eIQC system has been operational at sanofi manufacturing plant since 2007.and under a long term SLA with TBS.

eDCR, Sanofi Bangladesh

eDCR or electronic Daily Call Record Is an ETMS (Electronic Territory Management System) application which can also be defined as a CRM. The system allows sale representatives to enter their own activities like calls related information, call plans, and call reports in real time. The application has built in business intelligence and some of the features are; region-team-territory relationship, call planning & reporting, mail merging, doctor customer relationship, potentiality (product, territory, global) roles and privileges, searching, audit trail, admin and many other.

Mobile Sales Order (MSO), Sanofi Bangladesh

Automates the sales order process by which medical sales representative takes order for pharmaceutical product from their customers, and through GPRS / EDGE sends the orders in real time to the head office. MSO is a combination of both web and mobile application which enables, sales rep to place orders remotely from the field, makes faster sales order processing and delivery, ensures transparency and accountability, reduce administrative and overhead cost.



FinPac is a centralized web based ERP application which includes Financial Accounting, Asset Accounting, Procurement & Purchase, Inventory/Material Management, Sales and Distribution and Management Accounting modules. For Details visit: www.finpacerp.com


HrCap is a comprehensive Web Based HR Software that consolidates all HR activities. Modules includes Employee Profile, Payroll, Tax, Provident Fund, Attendance, Leave, Self Service, and Rostering. For Details visit: www.tecbsl.com/hrcap/

Pharma Solution

Pharma Solution is a Web Based sales force management system for pharmaceutical company where sales force is monitored using sales achievement, call reporting. For Details visit: www.tecbsl.com/pharma/


ProExpense is web based travel and expense management system for a company where each employee will be able to submit their expenses and travel requests in real time. It captures the expense as it happens for full visibility. For Details visit: www.tecbsl.com/proexpense/

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