HRCap is a comprehensive Web Based HR Software that consolidates all HR activities. Modules includes Employee Profile, Payroll, Tax, Provident Fund, Attendance, Leave, Self Service, and Rostering.

Just a One Time Investment To:
  • Transform your Business to the Digital World
  • Consolidate, Manage, and Track Key HR and Financial Functions
  • Increase and Enhance Organizational Efficiency and Productivity
  • Eliminate Redundant Work and Tasks thru Automation
  • Reduce Cost by Using Smarter Reporting Tools to Make Critical Decisions
  • Frees Up Time for the Human Aspects of HR
HRCap has been developed by Technology and Business Solutions Ltd (TBS) in collaboration with relevant industry specialist and practitioners
HR Modules “Build a rewarding experiences”



Employee Profile

  • Personal Information
  • Identification (NID, Passport & etc.)
  • Employee’s Address (Present, Permanent & Others)
  • Work Center (Track Employee’s current work station)
  • Educational Information
  • Training & Certification
  • Track Employee Previous Experiences
  • Employee Emergency Contact information
  • Employee Banking Information
  • Disciplinary Action
  • Family Member
  • Nominee
  • Document attachment facility
  • Each employee is identified by unique ID.
  • Assign Supervisor Manually

Leave Management

  • One / multiple leave policy setup according to company rules for different types / groups of employees
  • Leave request approval through workflow
  • Special Leave approval system by HR management
  • Force Leave Deduction
  • Forwarding remaining leave to next year
  • Leave Calculation & Balancing


  • Daily / monthly/ weekly staff scheduling for the organization/ department / location and etc.


  • Flexible Staff Scheduling / Rostering
  • Customize One or Multiple shifts
  • Setup Shift wise Office Time
  • Holiday Setup by Shift
  • Overtime (OT) hourly rate setup / by gross pay / by basic pay
  • Regularize attendance / attendance adjustment with approval system
  • Finger Print / EM Card / Face Detection Integration / file upload
  • Individual employee check-in & check-out system
  • Individual employee calendar with working day, weekly holiday, holiday, time-in, time-out, late notification & overtime
  • My Reports & Fellow Member's Reports
  • Late Notification

Payroll and Salary

  • Salary Component
  • Deduction Master
  • Grade Management
  • Salary Structure /Template
    • Grade / Category
  • Bonus Policy
  • Prepare Payroll
    • Monthly Earning
    • Monthly Deduction
  • Automatic Leave without pay calculation
  • Overtime Calculation based on Check In and Check Out time
  • Manual Overtime Processing
  • Initiate/ Run Payroll
  • Month end Process of Attendance, Leave, Overtime, Etc.
  • Advance Salary Disbursement and Settlement
  • Loan Disbursement and Settlement
  • Salary Review and Arrears Calculation
  • Final Settlement for Outgoing Employee
  • Payroll Search Engine (User Defined Searches)
  • Yearly Salary Statement of an Employee
  • Salary / Bonus Payment Notification
  • Pay Slip Generation and Printout

Provident Fund & Graturity

  • Gratuity Calculation
  • Provident Fund Policy
    • Own Contribution
    • Company Contribution
    • Interest Distribution
    • Loan Management

Tax Management

  • Income Tax Calculation Based on Bangladeshi Income Tax Act
  • Automatic calculate tax for the financial year, and deduct from the salary
  • Tax Return Slip Submission on behalf of Employee
  • Actual Investment Declaration on behalf of Employee
  • Income Tax Statement for an Employee

Configuration & Setting

  • Organizational Organogram
  • Configuring based on setup
  • Role based access

Self Service

  • Report: Check Attendance maintaining hierarchy
  • Actual Investment Declaration
  • Income Tax Statement
  • Yearly Salary Statement
  • Employee can login to their own portal
  • Employee will have his/ her own dashboard
  • Employee Calendar
  • Holidays
  • Leave request
  • Pay slips and etc.
  • Self-Attendance from the application
  • Attendance Regularization
  • Employee leave balances
  • Tax Return Slip Submission

Additional Benefits

  • Increase Productivity & Efficiency
  • Reduce Expenses
  • Comply with General HR & Payroll Software
  • Designed & Verified by HR Professionals
  • Improve Accuracy
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Extensive reporting and dashboards
  • Powerful Reporting System
  • Extended Ongoing Training

Database Support


Browser Support

Microsoft Edge FireFox Browser Chrome



Price Discounts, Unlimited Users.



Our dedicated support and technical staff is there to resolve any issue, quickly and reliably.

  • Telephone, Email & SMS
  • Issue Tracking System
  • Remote Desktop Connection



To operate and utilize the full capability and functionality of HRCap, users will be provided with the required training, which includes the following:

  • Comprehensive 2 days training (client site)
  • Weekly Free Continual Training (TBS Training Center)
  • Training Materials and User Manual
  • Telephone and Email Support

Trial Version


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