HrCap is a comprehensive Web Based HR Software that consolidates all HR activities. Modules includes Employee Profile, Payroll, Tax, Provident Fund, Attendance, Leave, Self Service, and Rostering.

Just a One Time Investment To:
  • Transform your Business to the Digital World
  • Consolidate, Manage, and Track Key HR and Financial Functions
  • Increase and Enhance Organizational Efficiency and Productivity
  • Eliminate Redundant Work and Tasks thru Automation
  • Reduce Cost by Using Smarter Reporting Tools to Make Critical Decisions
  • Frees Up Time for the Human Aspects of HR
HRCap has been developed by Technology and Business Solutions Ltd (TBS) in collaboration with relevant industry specialist and practitioners
“Build a rewarding experiences”



Employee Profile

  • Personal Information
  • Identification (NID, Passport & etc.)
  • Employee’s Address (Present, Permanent & Others)
  • Work Center (Track Employee’s current work station)
  • Educational Information
  • Training & Certification
  • Track Employee Previous Experiences
  • Employee Emergency Contact information
  • Employee Banking Information
  • Disciplinary Action
  • Family Member
  • Nominee
  • Document attachment facility
  • Each employee is identified by unique ID.
  • Assign Supervisor Manually

Leave Management

  • One / multiple leave policy setup according to company rules for different types / groups of employees
  • Leave request approval through workflow
  • Special Leave approval system by HR management
  • Force Leave Deduction
  • Forwarding remaining leave to next year
  • Leave Calculation & Balancing


  • Daily / monthly/ weekly staff scheduling for the organization/ department / location and etc.


  • Flexible Staff Scheduling / Rostering
  • Customize One or Multiple shifts
  • Setup Shift wise Office Time
  • Holiday Setup by Shift
  • Overtime (OT) hourly rate setup / by gross pay / by basic pay
  • Regularize attendance / attendance adjustment with approval system
  • Finger Print / EM Card / Face Detection Integration / file upload
  • Individual employee check-in & check-out system
  • Individual employee calendar with working day, weekly holiday, holiday, time-in, time-out, late notification & overtime
  • My Reports & Fellow Member's Reports
  • Late Notification

Payroll and Salary

  • Salary Component
  • Deduction Master
  • Grade Management
  • Salary Structure /Template
    • Grade / Category
  • Bonus Policy
  • Prepare Payroll
    • Monthly Earning
    • Monthly Deduction
  • Automatic Leave without pay calculation
  • Overtime Calculation based on Check In and Check Out time
  • Manual Overtime Processing
  • Initiate/ Run Payroll
  • Month end Process of Attendance, Leave, Overtime, Etc.
  • Advance Salary Disbursement and Settlement
  • Loan Disbursement and Settlement
  • Salary Review and Arrears Calculation
  • Final Settlement for Outgoing Employee
  • Payroll Search Engine (User Defined Searches)
  • Yearly Salary Statement of an Employee
  • Salary / Bonus Payment Notification
  • Pay Slip Generation and Printout

Provident Fund & Graturity

  • Gratuity Calculation
  • Provident Fund Policy
    • Own Contribution
    • Company Contribution
    • Interest Distribution
    • Loan Management

Tax Management

  • Income Tax Calculation Based on Bangladeshi Income Tax Act
  • Automatic calculate tax for the financial year, and deduct from the salary
  • Tax Return Slip Submission on behalf of Employee
  • Actual Investment Declaration on behalf of Employee
  • Income Tax Statement for an Employee

Configuration & Setting

  • Organizational Organogram
  • Configuring based on setup
  • Role based access

Self Service

  • Report: Check Attendance maintaining hierarchy
  • Actual Investment Declaration
  • Income Tax Statement
  • Yearly Salary Statement
  • Employee can login to their own portal
  • Employee will have his/ her own dashboard
  • Employee Calendar
  • Holidays
  • Leave request
  • Pay slips and etc.
  • Self-Attendance from the application
  • Attendance Regularization
  • Employee leave balances
  • Tax Return Slip Submission

Additional Benefits

  • Increase Productivity & Efficiency
  • Reduce Expenses
  • Comply with General HR & Payroll Software
  • Designed & Verified by HR Professionals
  • Improve Accuracy
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Extensive reporting and dashboards
  • Powerful Reporting System
  • Extended Ongoing Training

Database Support

Browser Support



Price Discounts, Unlimited Users.



Our dedicated support and technical staff is there to resolve any issue, quickly and reliably.

  • Telephone, Email & SMS
  • Issue Tracking System
  • Remote Desktop Connection



To operate and utilize the full capability and functionality of HRCap, users will be provided with the required training, which includes the following:

  • Comprehensive 2 days training (client site)
  • Weekly Free Continual Training (TBS Training Center)
  • Training Materials and User Manual
  • Telephone and Email Support

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