ProExpense is web based travel and expense management system for a company where each employee will be able to submit their expenses and travel requests in real time. It captures the expense as it happens for full visibility. Multi-role based approval routing workflow, voucher attachments, reporting and dashboard, mobile responsive and many other features.

Just a One Time Investment To:
  • Transform your Business to the Digital World
  • Consolidate, Manage, and Track Expenses centrally
  • Increase and Enhance transparency, accuracy and reliability for all expense related information
  • Eliminate Redundant Work and Tasks thru Automation
ProExpense has been developed by Technology and Business Solutions Ltd (TBS) in collaboration with relevant industry specialist and practitioners
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Master Module / Configuration & Settings

  • Employee Management
    • Line Manager
    • Job Grade
    • Cost Center
  • General Ledger (GL)
  • Expense Type
    • Main Expenses Type & Sub Expense Type
    • Linked with General Ledger (GL)
    • Expense Type availability by Job Grade
    • Expense Type conditions & threshold managed by Job Grade
  • Travel and Expense Rules & Policy
  • Roles and Privileges
  • Auditor / Finance Validation Team


  • Expense Report
    • Save As Draft
    • Exception message: will show as per expense rules
    • Attachment: Mandatory or optional as per expense rules
    • Recall Option: submitted and approved expense report.
  • Quick Expense Report
    • Expense Claim as per work scheduled by Sales Force
  • Expense Report Approval Flow
    • Line Manager approval and then Finance Approval
    • Both Line Manager and Finance Approver can do the followings
      • Print, email, expense report
  • Reviewer facility: View Only Dashboard
  • Email & application notification


  • Travel Request by employee
  • Travel Approval by Line Manager
  • Travel Linking with Expense Report
  • Dashboard
  • Email & application notification


  • Details report
  • Process Report
  • Header Report

Additional Benefits

  • Manage and centralize expense for all employees
  • Real time expense visualization
  • Increases transparency, accuracy and reliability
  • Electronic processing minimizing paper and manual work
  • Faster processing and disbursement
  • Management reporting for making decisions and policies
  • Remote access
  • Easily enforce and change spending policies

Database Support


Browser Support

Microsoft Edge FireFox Browser Chrome



Price Discounts, Unlimited Users.



Our dedicated support and technical staff is there to resolve any issue, quickly and reliably.

  • Telephone, Email & SMS
  • Issue Tracking System
  • Remote Desktop Connection



To operate and utilize the full capability and functionality of ProExpense, users will be provided with the required training, which includes the following:

  • Comprehensive 2 days training (client site)
  • Weekly Free Continual Training (TBS Training Center)
  • Training Materials and User Manual
  • Telephone and Email Support

Trial Version


Contact us for a Free Trial Version, Presentation and Initial Training.

Partner Program


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About Us


TBS ( is a consulting firm providing IT solutions to Government Agencies, Private and Multinational Corporations and Overseas clients since 2005. TBS is a member of BASIS.

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