Technology and Business Solutions


System and Software Development

Our software development services includes design and development of:

ü Web Application

ü Web Portal

ü Websites

ü Mobile Apps

ü Desktop

ü Web Service

ü Web AP

ü Scheduler

Other Areas

o Documentation (User Manual)

o Maintenance  and Support

o Business Process Improvement (BPI)

o SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)

o Digital Data  Archiving

o Software Application Training


Work Method’s, and Processes

Our software development methods and processes follows all industry best practices and standards involving among others, the following:

§ Agile Method

§ System Requirement Analysis (SRS)

§ Version  Control

§ Change Request (CR)

§ Change Request Analysis (CRA)

§ Flow Chart Analysis

§ Code Documentation

§ Code Review and Inspection

§ Pseudo Code

§ System Design Document (SDD)

Experience: Development Tools, Platform and Technology

Our development phases involves:

  • Project planning
  • Documentation



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